Point of Sale Kits

Choose from one or all of the free point of sale kits below, curated to deliver a sensational experience for your customers, and drive incremental sales for your outlet.

Free Seasonal Serve Kit

Teach your bartenders how to serve sensational drinks this season and impress your customers with fresh new recipes.  

Kit Contents:

  • 10x Branded Menu Blocks
  • 1x A5 Menu Card Pack
  • 1x A5 Recipe Card Pack

Free Pepsi Max Kit

With maximum taste and no sugar, discover why Pepsi Max is the fastest growing cola in 2017. If you don’t love it, you haven’t tasted it.  

Kit Contents:

  • 2x Bar Runners
  • 10x Tent Cards
  • 100x Beer Mats
  • 2x Strut Cards

Free J2O Snapchat Kit

Got your J2O Snapchat Glassware yet? Get your free accompanying point of sale kit here.

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Manager's Notes
  • 1x Bar Runners
  • 100x J20 Glitter Berry Drip Mats
  • 100x J20 Orange and Passionfruit Drip Mats
  • 1x J20 Orange and Passionfruit Strut Card
  • 1x J20 Spritz Pear and Raspberry Strut Card

Free Limited Edition J2O Snapchat Glassware

Already have your J2O Snapchat Kit? Order your Snapchat glassware now!
Kit contents:

  • 12 Limited Edition Snapchat Glasses

I want them all!

Can’t make up your mind? Order all three of our point of sale kits straight to your outlet in just one click.