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Britvic's recommended range to offer guest choice

With draught leading cola sales it is important to ensure the offering meets your guests' needs.

If you have 3 lines available currently offering Pepsi, Diet and RWhites, we would recommend that you switch Diet for Max as Pepsi Max offers your guests the best tasting no sugar cola*

It's important to still offer choice and Pepsi still accounts for 60% of the total Pepsi value. Therefore it is important that you have this available for guests who still prefer a full sugar offering**

Diet Pepsi has a different flavour profile to Max and Reg therefore to ensure you are offering your guests the full choice of cola offering we would recommend you stock 330ml in your fridge.

*Reg & Diet: MMR quant blind taste test August 2015 (n=200 Nat Rep sample) Reformulated Coke Zero: MMR quant blind taste test Aug 2016 (Nat Rep sample) **Source: CGA on premise data to 04.11.17

Be Sugar Levy Ready!

If you would like to convert your equipment to our category recommended range of Pepsi, Pepsi Max and RWhites, removing Diet, please fill in the form below to order a simple conversion kit which you'll receive in the post with clear instructions on how to fit.

If you would like to discuss any other options or have any further queries around your Britvic partnership, call us on 0144 228 4422 or email us at softdrinkslevy@britvic.com